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DL Scholarship Fund
Our Mission


Our goal...
is to help young people reach their potential in life. We believe that it is important to invest our time and energy in young adults, because eventually they will become leaders in the home, at work, and the community. Through positive and constructive examples, we hope that our efforts reinforce the idea that the fundamentals of desire, preparation and high self-esteem are the keys to success in life.

What we do
In 1995, Bill Luke and Bryan Drewry got together to establish the Drewry-Luke Scholarship Fund. We are both involved in the insurance industry and we were looking for ways to help students planning for college. To date we have raised $5,300 and have given out twelve  scholarships during this time. We have recently added several members to our board and are preparing to expand our fund raising efforts.

Our business history
About our organization
Bryan Drewry and Bill Luke are the co-founders of the scholarship fund.
Richard Cherry - President - Personnel Analyst City of Columbus
Greg Knox - Vice President - Business Owner
David Grant - Treasurer - State Farm Insurance Agency
Fred Hines - Managing Partner - Dynamic Computer Services
Derrick Fulton - Secretary - Social Worker Supervisor
Trey Quelette Sales Manager 
Jeff Sass - Account Executive - 
Pam Starks
Shari Lavette

Drewry-Luke Scholarship
Privacy Policy/Terms of Service

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