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DL Scholarship Fund
Annual Newsletter

2004 Summary

2004 DLSF Annual Newsletter


The DL Scholarship Fund had another excellent year.  We had four scholarship winners again this year.    Carolyn Heine, Jared Bovinet, Heather Herd, and Meghan Kehoe were the 2004 winners.  Each winner received $500 towards their college expenses.   Each of the winners are doing well with their freshman year of college.  The organization has awarded over $7000 in our nine years of existance.  Bill Luke continues to serve his country as a member of the reserves.




Our fourth annual tournament had over 60 golfers participating in the event.   The event was held at the Grovebrook Golf Course on June 26th.  The winning team consisting of Tony Bonofiglio,  Gary Sorrell, Steve Lawrence, and Johnny Melarango finished with the low score. The event raised over $1000 and was a great way for the golfers to meet our scholarship winners.  Thanks to Charlie Castle and his staff for their help.   Next year’s event is scheduled for June 25th, so mark your calendars.



SPONSORS - We could not begin to provide our scholarships without the support of our sponsors.   They provide the necessary support to allow us to donate all proceeds to the scholarship winners.  Please support the following businesses and individuals as they support our worthy cause.   Please save your receipts from Old Bag of Nails, as they will provide us a percentage of the total receipts collected.


All – Star Sports                                               Grovebrook Golf Club 

Webb Insurance Agency                                 Art Tee’s

Old Bag of Nails                                               Doug Burley – Remax Realtors

Byrne’s Pub                                                    Coaches Bar and Grill

Motorists Insurance – Ralph Smithers   Mike Sorenson, CPA

Nationwide Insurance – FBA’s             Mike and Betsy Grodhaus

Drexel Theatre                                      Brian Shaw

Frances Genalogy                                             Shirley Goodfellow

Art & Rich Russo Realtors                                Mike and Dayne McCrary

Saul and Audrey Allen                                      Betsy and Michael Grodhaus

Brian Philbin




VOLUNTEERS – Our volunteers are the backbone of the organization.  No board members or volunteers get paid for their services.    The following people have donated their time and effort to support our mission:


Julie Fantin                                                       Erica Drewry

Renee Keels                                                  Marshall Drewry

Megan Noonan                                                Sara Jaffy

Ben Jaffy                                                          Karen and Toby Hood

Mike Sorenson                                               Paula Evans

Bert Yutzy                                                   Anita Thiergartner

Amy Henscel                           




Starting Balance -                  $1,516.15        1/1/04

Receipts                                 $ 3792.35    12/31/04

Interest                                   $       3.90    12/31/04

Expenditures                          $ 4365.52   12/31/04

Ending Balance                                      $946.89     12/31/04                                                                             



Application deadline for the 2005 scholarship is May 31st.   Check out our website at for more information on upcoming events.   Any donations can be sent to DLSF @ US Bank, 2970 E. Main St. Columbus, OH 43209.   These donations are tax-deductible in most circumstances.    Our email address is    If you would like a complete copy of our 2003 budget, please send us an email and we will forward the information to you.     




Bryan Drewry and Bill Luke




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